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The SOULGENTZ Organization is a new competitive athletic and arts program for boys that will be based in New Jersey and will ultimately include boys ages 8 to 18.  Participants may live in any community within the tri-state area as long as they can make the commute to the practice location.  The Gentz serve as the partner organization to the SoulDeevas and it is our hope to replicate many of the Deevas' programming for the boys upon interest and availability of staff and locations.  We also intend to add additional athletic programming in the near future.

All Teams under the SoulGentz umbrella will train to compete in national competitions and will also participate in talent shows, sports tournaments and other venues.  The SoulGentz will work to strengthen their individual programs by developing and hosting their own competitive events and will also develop and support competitive opportunities for boys.  SoulGentz staff will also mentor the young men, teaching them various life skills and providing opportunities for them to be connected with positive male role models.  The organization will also provide opportunities for academic development and community service.


The SoulGentz' activities are rigorous programs that blend high expectations, academic achievement, good sportsmanship, etiquette, health and wellness, comradery and community service with faith, fun and fellowship!  We teach our young men to project and accept no less than their absolute best!  Though not a "religious" team, we believe in positive affirmations as an integral part of our program and our coaches pray over our teams before every event.