Guest Choreographers and Artists

During the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, we were blessed to have so many wonderful choreographers and artists from around the world volunteer their time to teach choreography and fitness routines to our beautiful SoulDeevas!  We're pleased to introduce them here and we thank them for working with us!

MS. ANNA-MORIAH (North Carolina)(Ballet)

Ms. Anna-Moriah was with us in July, and taught the Deevas Ballet!

She trained professionally in ballet for the past 13 years and has five years of teaching experience. She has trained and performed with the Carolina Ballet, located in Raleigh, North Carolina

MS. ASHWITHA (United Kingdom)(Bollywood)

Ms. Ashwitha was with us in July, and taught the Deevas Bollywood!  Bollywood dance is the dance form that is used in Indian films. It is a mixture of numerous styles that include belly-dancing, hip hop, Indian folk, and contemporary dance. The dance moves are incomplete without dramatic facial expressions and energy. Some people love Bollywood because it exposes them to Indian culture. Others enjoy the vibrant music and colorful outfits. Whatever the reason, Bollywood dancing is a small glimpse into Indian culture that everyone should experience. 

Born and raised in Singapore, she is currently studying medicine in the UK.  She has received extensive training in Indian classical dance (Bharatnatyam) and is extremely passionate about sharing her gift with young people.

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MS. JINNY (California)(Ballet)

Ms. Jinny was with us in June, and taught the Deevas a stretch routine as well as a quick introduction to ballet!


She studies ballet in the Russian Vaganova Method at a renowned school in Los Angeles and is a proud member of the Mighty High School class of 2020!


MS. NIKKI (New York)(Modern Dance)

Ms. Nikki was with us in July, and taught the Deevas Reggaeton/Soca!

Ms. Nikki is a Zumba instructor in New York City and has been dancing in a variety of community and professional events and venues.  She enjoys teaching hip-hop, reggae, Latin and Afrobeat.

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MS. SAVANNA (Massachusetts)(Hip-Hop)

Ms. Savanna worked with us in April, and taught our beautiful Minis a hip-hop dance routine!


She grew up in Connecticut and has been dancing for almost 20 years.  She loves trying new dance styles and among her favorites are hip-hop, Bachata, and swing dancing!

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MS. AVA (California)(Modern/Contemporary)

Ms. Ava worked with us in August and taught a Modern Dance class for our Deevas!

Ms. Ava has trained for eight years in ballet, and for three years in jazz, contemporary, lyrical, and hip-hop.  She absolutely loves teaching and choreographing numbers that focus on emotion and quality of movement.  She loves trying new styles of dance although her favorites are contemporary and jazz.  Currently, Ms. Ava teaches ballet to children and dances almost every day!


MS. MERON (Canada)(Hip-Hop)

Ms. Meron worked with us in August and taught a Hip-Hop Dance class for our Deevas!

Ms. Meron has studied several genres of dance but connects most with Hip-Hop - as it has given her a creative outlet to artistically express her emotions. She has been doing Hip-Hop for the last eight and a half years, and has extensive knowledge of both current and old-school dance styles. Asides from taking regular classes, Ms. Meron is also a competitive Hip-Hop dancer. 

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MS. SHREE (New Jersey)(Hip-Hop Fusion)

Ms. Shree worked with us in September teaching a Hip-Hop Fusion Dance class for our Deevas!

She has had a passion for dance for as long as she can remember, but formally started taking dance classes over seven years ago.  Ms. Shree's favorite dance styles are Hip-Hop Fusion and Bollywood.  Born and raised in New Jersey, she loves taking classes of all styles and choreographing soings with strong, danceable beats.  She feels that teaching dance is a rewarding and fun process - from the choreographing to the teaching and we are honored that she chose to share that experience with the SoulDeevas!