Vision, Mission & Core Values





Our vision is to promote virtue, equity, unity, justice, faith, charity and a sense of common purpose and brotherhood among all people with an emphasis on the development and advancement of young women through education, athletics, service and the arts.



Our mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of young people by providing unique artistic and athletic experiences and performances and a full array of academic, service, leadership and social programs, and to assist them in achieving the highest standards of professionalism through the development of skill, confidence, cooperation, leadership, responsibility and character.


To accomplish our mission, we will


  • Strive for the highest standards of excellence in everything we do – being physical representations of a first class youth development organization.

  • Take responsibility for our own preparedness (including attendance, punctuality and etiquette) and take additional responsibility for helping our line mates reach the same goals.

  • Develop and continually strengthen self-discipline and focus both in and out of program time by working daily to enhance our individual skills and the overall quality of the program.

  • Approach everything we do with energy and excitement, treating every encounter as if it were the opportunity of a lifetime.






We strive daily to: promote scholarship; respect humanity; model and require integrity; deal equitably; show leadership and preserve dignity. 

Developing Sister-Scholar in

Solidarity, Substance, and Soul!

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