The 1City Youth Project was formed in July, 1990 to provide young people with positive outlets and a safe place to engage in free sports and arts activities.  In its twenty year tenure, 1City served more than 3000 young people in grades Kindergarten to 12, who faithfully came to participate in 1City's clubs and teams every week!  Some of our kids joined us in Kindergarten and spent every Saturday of their lives with us, but after they graduated high school, 1City had nothing for them to do.  While some came back to volunteer, others weren't able to volunteer but desperately wanted to keep the connections and friendships alive.  They petitioned the leadership of 1City to create something that they could be part of well into their adult lives and SIGMA THETA RHO FRATERNITY was born!  In its final year of service, 1City was designated a "Promise Place" by America's Promise Alliance and received awards and recognition from the local community it served.  The legacy of 1City is so strong that it is slated to make a return - but as a CHRISTIAN SCHOOL and is expected to open in 2020.  SIGMA THETA RHO FRATERNITY changed its name to NU SIGMA THETA in 2015!  


We believe in SERVICE and NETWORKING on a global scale.  Throughout your membership, you will have opportunities to participate in formal acts of community service and random acts of kindness.  You will also have the opportunity to meet and network with individuals in other states and countries as well as with other individuals within your field.  Adults will have the opportunity to mentor youth and youth will have the opportunity to peer mentor and participate in other projects.  We work hard to ensure that this is not a "press" on your time; but that you feel fulfilled, cared for and challenged to think beyond yourself and your immediate community.  You'll also have the opportunity to promote yourself and gain valuable recognition and advice for the work that you do!  Please remember, every organization is only as good as its members.  We will be calling on you to help us make Nu Sigma Theta something that you would want to become part of the fabric of your life!


  • We've gathered food and supplies and have distributed them to the homeless and to local food pantries.

  • We've made holiday cards, signed them with encouraging messages and distributed them to youth and to the homeless.

  • We've served as pen pals to students in other countries, teaching them English and helping them learn about our culture.

  • We've raised funds and awareness for local/national charities by participating in online charitable events and promotions.

  • We've conducted entrepreneur workshops for adults and teens and have spread the word about members' businesses.

  • We've participated in panels around homelessness, police brutality, gang violence, sexual assault and education.

  • We've helped teens become college/career ready by reviewing resumes and college essays and serving as references.

  • We've participated in community vigils, peace walks, and music videos to show support for communities in crisis.

  • We've created and signed petitions to bring awareness to causes by presenting them to our local officials.


Membership is open to men, women and teens from any part of the world.  Potential candidates MUST have a Facebook page (one can be created specifically for this opportunity) and candidates MUST have an active email address that is checked once each month.  Interested candidates MUST complete the form on this site for more information.


The pledge period is primarily virtual; however, candidates in NY and NJ may be asked to complete some of their pledge period in person, while others will participate online and by conference call.  In order to qualify for initiation, candidates must complete every portion of the application process.  There is currently no academic requirement for adults or youth.  As our organization grows, we will continue to refine the application process and requirements for membership to ensure that members get the most from the experience.


Dues are minimal and are never raised while you are a member.  Members from non-US territories do not currently pay dues; however, they are required to perform virtual fundraising and contribute the same number of hours (in lieu) of dues at the dues level in place when their line pledged.  For example, if the dues for your line was $50 when you pledged and you live in Kenya, you are responsible for fundraising and serving fifty hours of community service with us each year.

Membership is FREE for those who join in 2017 (Deadline September 29, 2017).  Annual dues for candidates pledging in calendar year 2018 will be $50.00 (adults) and $20.00 (youth).  You may also pay via PayPal.


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