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The SOULDEEVAS Hip-Hop Majorette Dance Team is a competitive organization for girls in New York City and New Jersey.


The SoulDeevas Hip-Hop Majorettes will train to compete in national competitions and will also participate in field shows, parades, talent shows and other venues. 

Hip-Hop Majorette dancing is relatively new to the Northeast region, but is becoming rapidly popular.  It consists of high-energy, synchronized, rhythmic dance moves that draw from modern dance, jazz, ballet, gymnastics, Salsa, stepping and of course, hip-hop dance.  Members of our team should expect to be exposed to each of these genres over the course of their careers with our team.


Majorette teams compete ("battle")  with other teams and perform at an array of community and high visibility events.  Because we expect that many of our girls will be at "beginner" level, parents and girls should not expect to be involved in competitive "battle" for their first season on the team (although we will certainly enter the girls in competitions if we feel they are ready).  Coaches will work to form exhibition and battle squads within their teams, with exhibition squads tasked primarily with performing and battle squads tasked primarily with competing.  The ultimate goal is that every girl becomes part of the battle squad over time.

SoulDeevas Hip-Hop Majorette Dance is a rigorous program that blends discipline, high expectations, academic achievement, good sportsmanship, etiquette, health and wellness, camaraderie and community service with faith, fun and fellowship!  We teach our ladies to project and accept no less than their absolute best!  Though not a "religious" team, we believe in positive affirmations as an integral part of our program and our coaches pray over our teams before every event.


Parents will be responsible for the purchase of their daughter's competition uniform from the team's designated vendor and for footwear (Nancy boots, jazz shoes).  The team will raise the money for accessories throughout the season.

Practices will be held three out of four Saturdays each month and each team will also be assigned to a weekday afternoon practice held virtually via the "Zoom" app.   


​We are one team serving two states (New York and New Jersey), please visit the appropriate page to be kept informed about future registration days, and please stay tuned for added content as we grow.  Please also follow our social media pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (@SoulDeevas) to be kept informed.

Come join us as we represent Majorette Dance in the Northeast, training our scholar-athletes with Sisterhood, Substance and Soul!!