SoulPhamm United, Inc.


SoulPhamm United ("SPU") is the nonprofit arm of SoulDeevas LLC and will feature an array of academic, athletic and artistic programs for young people in New Jersey and New York City, as well as opportunities for social networking, community activism and volunteer service for youth and adults around the world.

SoulPhamm is dedicated to the memory of BASiC/The 1City Youth Project, which provided the same opportunities for children in Central Brooklyn communities from 1990-2010 - serving more than 4000 children in a 100% volunteer led structure.  To honor 1City, our logo was crafted similar to 1City's final logo and was gifted to us by graphic artist Tony Gonzalez and other logos reflecting expressions of our mission were gifted to us by talented artists including Yuri Dantas (  

Please stay posted to this page for updates around the formal development and growth of this nonprofit, as well as for opportunities on how you can support the work of this organization.

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