YoungDeevas Network

The YoungDeevas Network is an onboarding program for the adult network and focuses on academics, community service and discipleship.  The YoungDeevas Network will include girls ages 5 to 19, in divisions rolled out in the 2021-2022 academic year (officially starts on August 1, 2021).


- Connection on a deeper level with other girls who are developing in their faith.

- Mentorship from seasoned professionals who are part of the SoulDeevas Network.

- Age appropriate workshops on an array of topics and community service opportunities.

- Opportunities to worship, pray and minister in a Christ-centered community.

- Discount on public and partner events.

- Scholarship and other academic activities and resources.


- Amethyst Scholarship Brunch

- Pajama Party/Spa Weekend

- DeevaSpree Savings Challenge & Financial Literacy Workshops

- SoulSnackz

- Bible Study

- Annual Convocation and Worship Conference

- Trips and More!


- Identify as Christian (even if not connected with a house of Faith)

- Submit an application and most recent report card

- Have an active BAND account that is checked regularly (parents' account is fine)

- Render an application fee of $30.00 payable to SoulDeevas LLC

- Annual dues are $20.00 payable to SoulDeevas LLC

We invite you to be part of the SoulDeevas community, where you will find a

solid, Christ-Centered Sisterhood of girls who are committed to making

their mark on the world for Christ!